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Move In/Move Out Cleaning Kelowna, BC

What is included:

  • windows/sliding doors interior and casings
  • blinds wiped/dusted
  • upholstery vacuumed
  • leather furniture wiped
  • light fixtures (dusted - does not include chandeliers)
  • hard furniture (cabinetry, tables, etc.)
  • light switches, outlets, doors, handles, casings, stairway and hallway railings
  • all carpets vacuumed; tiled/wooden floors vacuumed and mopped
  • baseboards
  • fireplace area (if applicable)
  • garbage bins emptied – we do require a bin to throw the garbage into
  • pet dishes (green, pet-friendly products only)
  • walls dusted
  • beds made (laundering not included)
  • air vent covers
  • interior glass doors
  • ceiling fans


  • Sweep if required

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